Drive Control v 4.03

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About mod:
The Drive Control Mod now also extends the LS17 modular with many small functions such as a turn key configuration and extended functions for the Cruise Control. The Mod consists of modules, which can be individually switched on and off.

Version 4.03:
* HUD Scaling and aspect ratio fixed (positioning the icons)
* Problems with cultivators fixed


2 thoughts on “Drive Control v 4.03

  • Brainfishes says:
    2016-11-01 at 16:01

    When drivecontrol is turned on, I can’t reverse vehicles in either normal mode or stop-and-go mode. It just sits with the brake on and doesn’t switch to reverse mode.

  • JC says:
    2016-11-04 at 15:21

    How do I install this does not work in mod folder???

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