Jonsboda Map v 1.3

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About mod:
- 22 Fields from 0.5 ha up to almost 5 ha
- Cows, sheep, pigs, chickens
- Milk must be sold manually to Arla
- Compost
- Sawmill
- Potatoes wash
- Arla dairy with the production of milk and cheese
- Pallet Fabrik
- Biogas Plant
- Greenhouse where you can produce strawberries, raspberries and currants
- Crops are sold on Swedish fodder, Odal or in the harbor
- Washed potato, cheese, milk and berries sold to Ica Near Jonsboda or CityGross
- Tiles are sold to Jonsboda thermal plants
- Stocks can be sold at the port or at the sawmill
- Clay
- Multi angel terrain
- New crops such as oats, rye, spelled, wheat, rye wheat and millet
- Pedestrian and traffic (The traffic is modified to go faster than original)


2 thoughts on “Jonsboda Map v 1.3

  • Uno Sandberg says:
    2018-08-08 at 15:04

    What’s the difference from Version 1.2 ? 🙂

  • Hans Karlsson says:
    2018-09-09 at 11:33

    Stolen maps

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