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Farming Simulator 17 requirements


Farming Simulator 17 requirements:

– System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
– Dual-Core 2.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD;
– Graphics card Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 Series, the AMD Radeon HD 6770 or higher (minimum 1GB VRAM);
– 2 GB of RAM;
– 6 GB of hard disk space;
– Sound Card;
– DVD-ROM drive (required for boxed version only);

For Mac:
– Mac OS X 10.9.1, 10.10.1, 10.11.1 or 10.12.1;
– Dual-core 2.0 GHz processor or better;
– Graphics card Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 Series, the AMD Radeon HD 6770 or higher (minimum 1GB VRAM);
– 2 GB of RAM;
– 6 GB of hard disk space;

FS17 mods features


There are already some things about FS17.

– Will be able to create and play with female characters.
– The original new map is called Goldcrest Valley and is located in the Pacific Northwest.
– In addition to the sunflower, there are soybean as a new type of fruit. We can also sound, that there’s what.
– When buying vehicles, there are different configuration options that affect the price. These are but different also from vehicle to vehicle. We presented color, engine (more horsepower) and as with or without a front loader. Depending on the vehicle, it can not give but more or less options.
– There will be in-game radio stations. For a pre-transmitter with “offline” songs in the game but also Internet radio via stream URL
– You will be able to control trains and thus transport goods. First and 3rd person view.
– About 60 licensed brands and over 200 licensed vehicles and equipment
– Console versions will get created by players mods. Exact details will follow here.
– Graphical improvements (lights, textures, visual effects, …)
– For fields that you do not own, a missions offered. Thereby you get to know the game and still can earn money.

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Farming Simulator 17 trailer no. 3

Farming Simulator 17 joins the excitement of E3 2016 with its E3 Trailer! The hit simulation from Giants Software has been a mainstay in the video game market for more than 3 years. The two previous versions of Farming Simulator have attracted almost 5 million players on consoles and PC worldwide. This huge community of players has been eagerly awaiting fresh news about Farming Simulator 17, which will launch simultaneously at the end of 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game is being showcased this year at E3 2016 to unveil its new features: a new environment, new vehicles, a new animal to breed, and new gameplay mechanics that increase the game’s richness and depth every year, but also to make it more accessible for both existing fans and new players.

The CGI trailer unveiled today reveals some of the new prestigious brands that join the farming frenzy in this installment, such as Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, and Valtra. With more than 60 brands and 200 vehicles faithfully reproduced, Farming Simulator 17 offers a complete simulation filled with a vast range of content.

Among the many new features to be announced in the coming months for Farming Simulator 17, we are happy to unveil that modding supportā€”which is exceptionally popular on PCā€”is making its grand debut on consoles! With Farming Simulator 17, all the players will be able to download content created by the passionate community of Farming Simulator players, including vehicles, animals, scenery elements and much more, opening up the possibilities of an ever-evolving Farming Simulator 17 experience.

In the coming months even more new features of Farming Simulator 17 will be unveiled, so stay tuned!

Farming Simulator 17 will release at the end of 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


FS17 features


Hello, Farming Simulator 17 fans!

We want to share features and improvements of FS17:
– Improved system of breeding cattle
– New crops: soybeans, sunflowers, radish
– Rail freight transport
– New game modes
– Missions given by other farmers
– Possibility of listening internet radio or MP3 tracks in the game
– You will can test any machine before purchase
– Player gender selection

Which cover of FS17 mods?


Hot news! First – we can show few FS17 mods covers. Which you like most? Reply in comments!

Second new – you can pre-order Farming Simulator 17 in official farming-simulator website. Today price is 34.99 $ (dollars).

Try something new with online farming based simulation games


Farming games are growing in demand and there are many new ranges of such games currently available online. It was with Farmville that the game starting growing in demand and now there are hundreds of such games currently available online. However fs17 mods are known to provide whole new experience to all gamers. Simulators are known to enhance your gaming experience to a different level, playing farm based games with such simulators are different all together. All such games can be played in groups or online for a whole new experience. Some of the farm based games are now voted best in the market due to its simple control and amazing graphics.

The best thing about fs17 mods is that it gives you the chance to enjoy farming life, plant trees, care pets and earn money by selling fresh productions. There are some amazing new color and graphics used for these gaming stories, perfect to grab your attention. Farm based games are known to have that fun and excitement, suitable enough to glue you for hours. There are different new challenges and missions included within the game that makes it even more interesting. Most of these games are compatible with smartphones or tablets, intuitive controls and colorful graphics make these games quite addictive for players.

Farm based games are all known to be enjoyable and fun based which will keep you interested for long hours. There are some amazing new animations, graphics and concepts used make it deal enough for kids as well as adults. Most of the games are free and there are amazing farming adventures included within the whole game. Gamers get the chance to plants, process different products, harvest and complete missions at ease. Try out this all new fs17 mods, it is definitely worth and effective for gaming enthusiasts.

Learn about the all new farming games for all gaming enthusiasts


With time there are many new ranges of online gaming applications coming up that are designed to give gamers a whole new gaming experience. There are some amazing new ranges of fs17 mods games coming up that are new and unique in concept. Gamers can find something new with these games and play it from the ease of their smartphone or tablets. Modern day farming games are so exciting and interesting that users remained glued in front of their system whole day. There are all new options and features coming up with farming games that make it best enough for gaming enthusiasts.

Learn lot about time management and strategies through such unique fs17 mods games. Apart from that users can also get the chance to know more about farming, know how it feels to work in a farm, managing different aspects and utilizing all resources in best of ways. The best thing about this particular game is that it is new and unique, compared to traditional mobile games farming simulators are completely different. In the past few years there are some amazing new games coming up in the list, people from different parts of the world are taking interest in this game.

The idea or concept behind the game of fs17 mods is to manage different farms, crop plants, manage pets and animals thereby you can get fresh productions of fruits, vegetables and other items. This game involves managing different things like harvesting, sowing, buying necessary items, selling all fresh productions in necessary time and many more. Farmville was the first game that grabbed the attention of all online gamers and since then there are whole new ranges of farming games seen coming up, all of these games having unique gaming concepts and techniques. Take up the opportunity to play this new game of farming.

Enjoy some of the best Farming Simulator


With time there are many new ranges of online games coming up, farming simulator 17 mods is something new in the list that is gaining all popularity. People and gaming enthusiasts from different parts of the world is taking wide interest in this particular game, experience something new with this particular game. All these games are meant to help gamers experience village life; make you feel a real farm. Players can manage little aspect in the game and find interest in all details. Some of the most important actions that are taken in this game are raising animals, sowing, harvesting and many more.

There are different plots or stories available with farming simulator 17 mods based on which players can approach the game. There are different actions associated with this game of farming, such as raising different animals, feeding those animals, playing with various other animals and earning by selling their produce, make money through different other means, all part of the game. Most of such farming games are strategical games that need to be played taking into consideration all different aspects. Most of such games are quite engaging for players and once you find interest it is very tough to divert your mind.

There are quite a few farming simulator 17 mods games available in the market, all ideal for adults, kids and individuals of all ages. Some of the easy controls and new graphics make this game quite exciting for players. The best part about such farming simulation game is that you can enjoy all these games from your smartphones tablets or laptops at ease. The addictive nature and interesting story plot of these games make it quite popular amongst gaming enthusiasts. Plant fresh crops, feed your animals and enjoy the fun of farming with your latest gadgets.

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FS17 presentation

Important and interesting information from FarmCon 16 (Farming Simulator conference).

The first lectures are confirmed!
We’re thrilled forward to meet you at the FarmCon but as you surely already know, we offer a full program of lectures for Farming Simulator 17Ā modsĀ and more. In total there will be about 15 lectures with 12 speakers. On precise timetable we are still working but today we can you already look ahead to some of the confirmed presentations and their speakers.


From Modder for game developers (Emil Drefers)
You spend your time trying to develop mods for a game and these get even top reviews? Obviously you have talent, so why not make the hobby into a career? Sometimes you think lack of contacts did not mind that one even has a foot in the door. Emil Drefers has taken the plunge and tells you how to make the right people pay attention to and what to pay attention to the other side when changing.
Farming Simulator 17 Presentation (Stefan Geiger & Marc Schwegler)
What you want to say here is big? Be there when the Farming Simulator 17 mods is presented to the public for the first time is expected. If the popcorn ready, the game can see live in action and learn more about new features and cars firsthand.
Insight into the development of life (Stefan Geiger & Marc Schwegler)
If one has made the hobby into a profession, does not automatically mean that it is only at the games, because the game wants to be once developed. The larger the team, the special awards are a frequent tasks. What are these tasks? What decisions need to be taken? How do you keep track when the team is getting bigger? And then there’s the deadline! In this presentation you will get an overview of everyday life in a Games Developer Office.
FS17 modsĀ (Manuel Leithner)
Not only for the players brings FSĀ 17 mods new features for mod creatorsĀ there are lots of news. From changes in the vehicle XMLs, via scripts to shaders. This presentation will show you before the launch of the game, as you let your imagination run wild can soon and the new technology fully exploits.
Conversion FSĀ 15 to FSĀ 17 (Marius Hofmann)
The version change to FS17 also brings several changes to the modding interface with it. To use mods of FS15 in FS17, these need to be adapted in some places. In this presentation, you learn how to make mods for theĀ FS15 FS17 run.
The speakers:
Emil Drefers
Emil Drefers is gameplay programmer at GIANTS Software GmbH. Before joining GIANTS to Zurich early 2014 he had his degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Technical University of Munich as a Dipl.-Ing. finished, worked on a variety of mods and twice won the ModĀ Contest.
Stefan Geiger
Stefan Geiger is the co-founder and CTO of GIANTS Software GmbH. He received a master’s degree in computer science from ETH Zurich, with a focus on visual computing.
Marc Schwegler
Marc Schwegler’s Lead Artist at GIANTS Software and directs the production of Farming Simulator. He’s since 2010 with GIANTS in Zurich and has previously worked at numerous Indie Game projects as a freelancer.
Manuel Leithner
Manuel Leithner’s lead gameplay programmer at GIANTS Software and forwards in Germany office. As he has during his computer science studies also with his FS 17Ā modĀ team (SFM) designed and published numerous vehicles, he has a good sense of what’s interesting for novices and professionals.
Marius Hofmann
Marius Hofmann’s QA Engineer at GIANTS Software Entertainment GmbH. As a longtime member of the community he grew in 2014 with the beginning of studying computer science at the University of Bamberg as Working Student a.

While you’re waiting for a FS17 mods


While you’re waiting for a Farming Simulator 17 and FS17 mods we have new about cooming DLC for Farming Simulator 15.

Fresh from his latest assignment to overthrow a vile dictatorship in his beloved homeland Medici, ā€˜Just Cause 3ā€™ hero Rico Rodriguez is taking a break from destruction – he’s now trying his hand at tending the soil of Farming Simulator 15 in a FREE DLC UPDATE.

Coming this summer, Just Cause 3ā€™s iconic STRIA RUSTICO tractor will debut in Farming Simulator 15. Repurposed by Rico to aid the rebels in their revolution, Just Cause 3 showed that there was nothing that the Rustico couldnā€™t do, now itā€™s time to see what its trademark havoc causing can bring to the world of harvesting.

The Rustico being the latest in a long line of fantasy inspired agricultural rides that Rico could borrow in the Just Cause series. Known as the ā€œMedician workhorseā€ the Stria Rustico could be seen throughout Medici working the fields and was pride of place at many farmsteads in the glistening Mediterranean paradise.

Long praised by Mediciā€™s Ministerio de l’Agricultura for its reliability and unprecedented haulage, the Rustico will be adorned in its sun weathered coat of paint from Just Cause 3, but that is not allā€¦ As the Rustico comes to you straight from Medici, this version will be equipped with nitrous boosters as per Ricoā€™s specification adding an extra layer of danger and excitement to your ploughingā€“ itā€™s pretty difficult to pull off contour farming whilst being propelled uncontrollably at speeds of 80mph or more.

Using the Rustico will also change your farmerā€™s appearance to that of Mediciā€™s favourite son Rico Rodriguez, hero of the Just Cause games complete with his famous grappling hook and wingsuit (hopefully your tractor doesnā€™t get airborne, but then with Rico anything is possible).

The Just Cause 3 DLC for Farming Simulator 15 including the Rustico and Rico farmer skin will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One this summer.


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