Added Realism for Vehicles v 1.4

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About mod:
Version 1.4:
* Increased mud particles behind wheels
* Particles was based on vehicle speed but is now based on wheel rotation speed, this adds particles also when vehicle is standing still and wheel spins
* Tire Track is now changed when wheels slips adding the visiual effect of wheel digging
* Fixed issue in original script creating Tire Tracks below ground as a multiplayer client
* Lowered friction loss from wheel sink
* Increased friction loss from ground wetness
* Slightly decreased friction of Crawlers in field
* Fixed issue where HUD was visable even when disabled
* Added separate frictions during wet ground for seasons and "vanilla"
* Center of gravity can never be higher then 3 times the wheel raduis
* Some singel component vehicle got very high center of gravity
* Code optimization


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