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About mod:

– Engine Setup: 451 hp, 538 hp, 647 hp, 790 hp
– Selectable Capacity: 12500 or 17100 liters
– Selectable Wheels
– Selectable Wheels Brand
– Selectable License Plate
– Selectable Design
– Selectable Design Color
– Selectable Rim Color
– Choice of Color

Included Headers:
– Agco Power Flow 30FT
– Agco Power Flow 40FT
– Capello Diamant 12 (Agco Edition) Corn Header
– Capello Helianthus 12000 (Agco Edition) Sunflower Header

* Straw dividers and rapeseed knives on both Power Flow cutterbars
* Flashing lights (rotating light) made on/off selectable
* Agco brand launched
* Added Power Flow 30 FT Header
* Added Diamant 12 corn picker with color choice (recognizable in the shop by the Agco Edition)
* Added Helianthus 12000 cutting unit with color choice (recognizable in the shop by the Agco Edition)
* Adjusted the parts to be colored in the Power Flow 40 FT (in the 3D program)

Marcus R

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