Akronbagger v 1.0

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About mod:
To use:
- In store go to brands and look for Akron and u will find all 3 items there
- Attach bagger to pallet buy backing up to pallet till u see the connect icon
- You don't have to touch anything. simply drive and place bag where u want and start filling with cart or combine (try to have level ground. bag doesn't flex). there is mouse control to lower or raise unit for a level bag
- Once bag is full (493000 liters) detach and pull away
- To empty bag hitch to extractor and back up into bag until u see the attach icon. drive truck under extractor spout then go back into extractor and simply hit I to unload
that's it.
- Once bag is empty detach and it will be in cardboard box and pallet again

killerrf, alfalfa6945

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  • brad says:
    2018-01-01 at 03:13


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