AR/Frame Equipment Pack v 1.2

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About mod:
The Pack consist of:
- Standard Timber Runner
- Timber Runner with Marhu's UAL Script - Logs 3 to 6 Meters
- Standard Timber Cage - Animated Doors
- Timber Cage with Marhu's UAL Script - Logs 1 to 5 Meters
- Bull 266 Tipper
- Brantner Tipper
- Bergman Tipper
- Krampe Tipper
- Kroeger Tipper
- Amazone Chaser Bin - Bulk Fill Type Overloader
- Amazone ZGB - Fertilizer Spreader
- Amazone UF - Fertilizer Sprayer
- Fliegl VFW20000 - Slurry Spreader
- Water Tanker - Optional Decals
- Garant Tanker (Slurry / Digestate) - Optional Colour Decals
- Field Fuel/Diesel Tanker - Body and Decals Colour selectable
- Diesel / Fuel Tanker - Optional Decals (Shell, Caltex, Tesco, Mobil, BP, Groovy (FS Brand). Fitted with Animated Overload Pipe if supported by map/mod
- Multi Use Tanker - Will carry all liquids (Can not fill vehicles with fuel) Colour selectable decals, includes Animated Overload Pipe if supported by map/mod
- UAL Flatbed - Flatbed featuring UAL Script by Hot Online Team. New Timber Pallet Mode added
- Service Flatbed - Fill Points for Fertilizer, Seed, Fuel and Water (Pay Per USE)
- Animal Transport Trailer - Transport for 4 Cows, 10 Sheep and 8 Pigs.Animated ramp. To allow transport of small equipment (e.g Profihopper)

Version 1.2:
* Changed Attacher Joint To Official A/R Joint Type

Gnescher, GTX Mods

One thought on “AR/Frame Equipment Pack v 1.2

  • ncraiders says:
    2017-05-20 at 03:01

    To those that look at downloading this mod. this mod was altered by someone other than GTX Mods and was released by someone parading as GTX mods. Do not download PLZ.

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