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About mod:

Added the Management of the Net Wrap for Round Bales, after the creation of every Bale, the Baler works for add the Net Wrap (it’s required that the Baler is active). After the Baler has added the Net Wrap, it’s possibile to unload the Bale. Added the Management of the Twine for Square Bales, the Twine was added every time the Bale increase the Fill Level. This Feature is Automatically added to every Baler for Round Bale, no installation required.

The Baler for Round Bale can be filled with the Net Wrap, using the Pallet with 12 Rolls of Net Wrap. The Pallet is present in the Pallets Category. Every piece is lenght of 2800 meters and every Bale is wrapped 8 times by default. Price 500 €

The Baler for Square Bale can be filled with the Twine, using the Pallet with 48 Rolls of Twine. The Pallet is present in the Pallets Category. Every piece is lenght of 1400 meters and every Bale is wrapped 1 times by default. Price 1000 €

* Increased Support for other Types of Balers


DD ModPassion

Game version:

Farming Simulator 19

Go to website to Download* [1 MB] * The link opens in the new tab. File is hosted in the external website. We are not responsible for the content of the external page and the possibility of free download of the file. To download file may required a registration to external website.

How do I install Farming Simulator mods?
Find a mod that you like and want to download first. Then, on your PC, download a mod. Mods are typically format. However, it is sometimes in.rar format. If the mod file is format, no additional actions are required. If a file is in.rar format, you must unarchive it using software such as WinRar or Zip7. Windows 10 users do not need to use archive software; Win10 includes an unarchive feature.

The next step is to locate the mods folder on your computer. It is typically found in Documents/My Games/Farming Simulator [Your FS game version, e.g. 2022]. Open the "mods" folder and place the archive or unarchived.rar file there.

The final step. Have fun with Farming Simulator mods!

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