Case IH Magnum US v 4.0

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About mod:
Version 4.0:
* Packaged Attachable Side and Front Tanks into Magnum Mod
* Added Attachable double Front Tanks
* Added Case IH L795 Front Loader
* Added Front Loader (L795) compatibility with in Cab Joystick Animation
* Added Michelin and Trelleborg triple rear Wheel Configurations
* Removed all Narrow Wheel Configurations. All Row Crop Wheels are now Care Wheels
* Removed 2 other Tracked Wheel Configurations
* Added Body, Seat and Rim Color Configurations: Red, Black, Grey and White
* Added Light tinted and Heavy tinted Window Options
* Added Additional Front Light Configuration
* Added Beacon Light Configurations
* Added Vertical Suspension to Cab
* Added more Suspension to Wheels and tweaked the Front Axle Suspension Rotation Parameters to Absorb Bumps better and remain in contact with contours of Terrain
* Modified Magnum Load Sound to be more clear and easier on the ears
* Improved Grill Mesh and added Mesh Area on Top of Hood
* Added Motor Fan with Animation
* Tweaked Tire Compression and Distance from Ground
* Tweaked Wheel and Track Weights to reduce slippage + Wheel Weights now make an impact on Traction with Heavy Implements
* Added New in Cab Monitor Screen that includes more Vehicle Information
* Added ability to open the Rear Window
* Improved Door opening Animation and added Interior Light when Door is open
* Removed Entering Animation, replaced with an improved Manual Animation (open Cover)
* Added Hood Ornament
* Tweaked Rear Mirror to be more useful
* Fixed the Spazzing Issue when turning to tight with a Trailer Attached
* Fixed Front Attach Bottom Arm Rotation

KarlFarms, Custom Modding, Stefan Maurus

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