CAT Pack v 1.0

FS17 mods

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About mod:
All the Machines has been modified
For more horse Power Speed High Liters
Also made the Lights Brighter for Night..
FS17 Cat 345B Excavator V1
FS17 Cat 725A Dump v1
FS17 Cat 725A FertSpreader V1
FS17 Cat 725A Liquid Manure V1
FS17 Cat 725A Solid Manure V1
FS17 Cat 725A Tanker v1
FS17 Cat_980H_V1
FS17 Cat_980H_V1
FS17 Cat_Actros_V1
FS17 cat_Bulk_Liquids_V1
FS17 Cat_Dolly_V1
FS17 Cat_Flatbed_UAL_V1
FS17 Cat_Kenworth_K100_V1
FS17 Cat_LowLoader_V1
FS17 Cat_SemiTrailer_V1

Goelm, Getsome2030, winston9587, Eagle355th

4 thoughts on “CAT Pack v 1.0

  • christian dippmann says:
    2017-06-28 at 11:42

    bis auf den trailer “FS17 cat_Bulk_Liquids_V1” und trailer “FS17 Cat_SemiTrailer_V1” funktioniert nichts, man kann es nicht im shop kaufen, schade. bitte nochmal überarbeiten, weil is echt ein cooles pack. lg chris

  • Bajbars says:
    2017-06-28 at 13:41


  • Bajbars says:
    2017-06-28 at 13:42

    Cars and loaders do not buy.

  • kacper says:
    2018-03-30 at 21:39


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