Chevy Silverado 4500 v 1.0

FS17 mods

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About mod:

– Engine Setup: 300 hp, 400 hp, 500 hp, 800 hp, 1100 hp, 1500 hp
– Selectable Attachers
– Selectable Wheels
– Selectable Wheel Color
– Selectable Handles
– Selectable Steps
– Selectable Grill
– Selectable Bumper
– Selectable Mirrors
– Selectable Bed
– Selectable Toolbox
– Selectable Fenders
– Selectable Exhaust
– Selectable Cab Lights
– Choice of Color
– Washable

Duramax Nation modder, Silver Reel Modding, Machines Modding, Fretfuldawson, RJK, CCS, Ben Austin, J's Custom Modeling

7 thoughts on “Chevy Silverado 4500 v 1.0

  • Concerned Citizen says:
    2018-08-02 at 23:05

    508MB? Jesus! I have maps that size.

    What the hell?

    • Diesel Anderson says:
      2018-08-25 at 21:07

      It is so big because it has so much detail and so many Beautiful options

  • Concerned Citizen says:
    2018-08-02 at 23:28

    No .xml file either. This mod is a joke.

    • Diesel Anderson says:
      2018-08-25 at 21:06

      Re-Download it and it will work but trust me The truck is so worth it

  • Charlie says:
    2018-08-14 at 18:16

    I am having trouble with the beds no matter what I pick it just show truck frame

    • Diesel Anderson says:
      2018-08-25 at 21:05

      You gotta scroll down on the options cause you are just looking at the Attachers not the actual bed

  • Diesel Anderson says:
    2018-08-25 at 21:23

    Truck is absolutely Stunning!!!! The detail is amazing, and the interior actually looks nice And there are so many Customizable Options for it That’s why it is such a big file but its worth it guys

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