Cornbelt Reloaded Map v 1.0

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About mod:
There is a central courtyard in the Cornbelt:
? the Hauptilo what corresponding 5 million liters capacity and has a train connection, the whole quantities must also be transported and intermediary
? for all lovers of well-groomed soil tubers, there is of course a potato / beet-growing camp, but the Amtrak has refused to move rails until then, which is probably uneconomical
? a fillable seed / fertilizer storage, because honestly, sacks hauling is something of 90s retro
? a cowshed and a pig's bast, it's supposed to smell of agriculture and not look as if we're only chasing fields
? so that the animals do not have to suffer hunger, we have spared no expense and effort and built the right food mixer right away, we are already labor-shy and in the age of modernism
? and since animals also want to drink something and we found stackable boxes with hop flower tea as impractical, there are whole 2 !, yes read correctly 2, not 1 and not none but 2 whole water removal points, which are located in the yard and you 2x20000 l / h cool, clear ... no not crystal weed but H2O and this is a permanent, free offer from Kastor Inc.
? as well as there is a fillable court station there strangely way the machines also have thirst, devil work I tell you
? and for the quick replenishment we have additionally a Dieselpumpstation, which is supplied by train, the inclined reader will note, "The train, your friend and helper in need"
? obligatory for friends of the silage and the gas snorkers, we have managed to get a permit to build a BGA, ie "wheel loaders go" or was the "Klappspaten free"
There is also a small side yard in the north and this one shines with:
? the cuddly-soft small arm for all who want to make wool, so in the sale of them!
? and because sheep are not dry animals, there is also a water sampling station, modest with only 10000 l / h but, the Kastor Inc. is so generous, also free of charge
? a small silo which offers only 3 million liters, for all fruit varieties, but one must also reap the first
? and because maybe the one or the other kilogram of straw is produced, here at the straw sale you get rid of it, of course to absolute maximum prices ... not
What does it do without fields? A very legitimate question, however, Kastor Inc. offers in cooperation with the D-S-Agrarservice a solution.
The hardworking peasants expect a total of 65 fields. From small, for the beginning, to oversized, for the big player, there is something for everyone in its size and taste. Let yourself be surprised how long a plow fur can be, on a 601 ha field!
Last but not least, your new best friend, you remember, should be briefly mentioned. Full 4 train connections give you the freedom to express goods through the area.
? 2 connections to collect grain and bring to the outside warehouse, yes friends, also sowas we have integrated quite generously with
? Special Tip! (free of charge), one of these trains can also be used for sale at the goods station in the south, who wants to truck all over the area by truck
? Of course, there is also for the woodworms among you, 1 wooden train which gives you the possibility to cut the north and bring everything to the sawmill in the south
? And, last but not least, the oil train mentioned, with its massive crude oil from the Samm


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