Courses Retracted to Nordfriesische March v 5.02.00069

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About mod:
CP dev vers 5.02.00069:
* From this version the courses will be run on the version with trenches
* Courses have been revised, or retracted and new productions retracted
* There will be no courses for the sewage treatment plant, fertilizer / liquid fertilizer production and compound feed factory

Thomas Gärtner (@ GitHub), Claus G. Pedersen (@ GitHub)

2 thoughts on “Courses Retracted to Nordfriesische March v 5.02.00069

  • SAMU says:
    2018-04-15 at 20:53


  • Jefferson Dias says:
    2018-05-16 at 22:17

    E da hora o mod, mais quando passa um tempo jogando, ele trava sozinho…. porque? (jogo original)

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