Dirty Tire Tracks v 1.1

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About mod:
This mod adds more tire tracks on soft terrains (grass, sand, gravel). Mod was originally created for heavy tracked machines but function is added to all wheeled vehicles instead
- You can activate / deactivate mod function for current vehicle types (it will be saved in config file for all savegames)
- You can activate / deactivate mod function as global for all vehicles
- Only Admin can do this in multiplayer
- All controls can be set in your Input bindings

Default controls:
- KEY_lalt KEY_t - turn on / off mod function for current vehicle
- KEY_lctrl KEY_t - turn on / off mod function global
- KEY_lshift KEY_t - open settings menu

Version 1.1:
* Grass will now regrow back after tire tracks disappear
* All parameters are global for all vehicles by default. However you can set special parameters for some vehicles if you want
* You can delete all tire tracks of current / all vehicles in menu
* When you sold vehicle its tracks will be deleted
* Added settings menu where you can change some parameters:
- Time (hours) after which the tracks disappear
- Whether or not ground wetness affect size of tracks
- Minimum ground wetness when dirty tire tracks will be generated
- Size (width) of tracks
- Whether or not tracks will be generated on fields too
- Whether or not tracks will be saved to an external file


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