Farming Simulator 17 Brands

As the release date of Farming Simulator 17 approaches, we’ve been releasing a series of dev blogs to give you some insight into the exciting new features coming to this latest instalment. Last blog entry, we talked about the trains – this time, we’d like to introduce a few of the new brands that will be joining the Farming Simulator family!
One of the biggest addition in Farming Simulator 17 are the AGCO brands, which we are proud to introduce for the first time in the series:
Fendt – Including the 900 Vario Series
Massey Ferguson – Including the 8700 Series
Valtra – Including the T Series
Challenger – Including the MT800E Series


The Best Tools For The Job!
In Farming Simulator 17, we’ve put a heavy emphasis on taking good care of your field, giving you many possibilities to improve the yield of your next harvest.
Your fields will need to be periodically plowed (once every three harvests) so they remain fertile. To help you do this, we’ve added new plows like the Salford 8312.
You might decide to use the Vaderstad Rapid A 600 S to plant Oilseed Radishes on an already-plowed field. Once the radishes have grown, you can then use a cultivator like the Amazone Catros 6002-2 on the field – this increases the yield of the next crops you plant here.
Another way of improving the next harvest is by using a new type of tool: Weeders. Keeping your fields clean will ensure that you will grow plenty of crops on them.


Of course, taking care of your animals is just as important as your fields! We’ve introduced a range of ways to maintain your animals in Farming Simulator 17:
– You can feed your cows with hay. This can be harvested using the newly-added Lely tools: The mowers Splendimo 320 FC & Splendimo 900 MC, the tedder Lotus 1250 Profi, the windrower Hibiscus 1515 CD Profi and the loading wagon Tigo XR 75 D!
– Use the hay to feed your cows, or create TMR with the forage mixer wagons from Siloking, including the SelfLine Compact 1612.
– Give your animals water, using the Joskin AquaTrans 7300 S.
– Transport your animals for selling with the Michieletto AM19 animal trailer.

Thank you for reading!

Which brand is your favorite?


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