Farming Simulator 19 mods

Farming Simulator 19 mods

In this article, we will introduce information Farming Simulator 19 mods and some about an upcoming FS19 game. One of the most important parts of Farming Simulator games is mods. This opportunity expands the game much more. One of the most important moment, that you can add to your game some stuff absolutely for free and enjoy new possibilities, like farming seasons, realistic gearboxes and of course new models and maps.

If you are real simulator fan and like a realism, use some mods to make the game more realistic. FS Seasons mod lets you enjoy four seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring. Every farming job is divided into seasons, for example, you can’t sow in winter, some crops (canola, barley, wheat etc.) grows only at the summer end or early autumn. Yield, fertilizer and seed prices are affected by season. In winter you can clean the snow from the streets and concentrate to work in forests.

Another possibility in Farming Simulator 19 mods is realistic gearboxes. If you will use this mod, you will feel like driving a real tractor. Realistic gearboxes mod add a manual gearbox with levellers. Also with mod add more realistic tractor physics, tractor or combine will feel heavier, more inertia and harder to stop. This mod has a lot of settings, which helps to set up your gearbox preferences. You can make the automatic transmission or turn off shift levellers and control much more functions for unique experience driving the tractor or harvester.

How to choose a map mod for Farming Simulator 19?

You will find a lot of map mods for FS19 in mods websites, like this. Before downloading a map, think about your farming style, what crops you will grow, what cattle you will grow and what machinery style do you like. If you like old style farming equipment, think about small and old style map. These maps usually are more detailed. Offcourse if you want to play a modern farming game, try to download a USA style map with large fields, trains, mega silos and add modern tractors and implements. If you want a more challenging game, we recommend trying a hilly map, like Austria. With realistic gearbox mod and hilly map, you will feel a unique experience.

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