FDR Logging – Machine Pack v 12.0

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About mod:
1. Machine Buncher Varcolac
2. Machine Buncher Wolverine
3. Machine Chipper Chimera
4. Machine Grinder ChimeraST
5. Machine Loader Btop Ladon
5. Machine Loader Chip Amarok
6. Machine Loader Fixed SaberTooth
7. Machine Loader Fixed Wyvern
8. Machine Loader Riser Peluda
9. Machine Loader Yarder Guivre
10. Machine Processor Delimber Hydra
11. Machine Processor Fixed Hyde
12. Machine SkidderLine Banshee
13. Machine SkidderLine Talos
14. Trailer Log Roc
15. Trailer Low Caladrius
16. Truck Dump Pegasus
17. Truck Fuel Titan
18. Truck Hauler Valkyrie
19. Xmisc Chainsaw
20. Znon FDR Manual Cut
21. Znon FDR Nocolcam

FDR Logging

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