Fliegl Pallet Filling System v Multicolor

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About mod:
With the Fliegl Station you can create pallets like the name, but this is not all that this device can do, bales or BigBags are also possible.

- Selectable Wheels: Standard, Agrar
- Selectable Design: White Decals, Red Decals
- Choice of Color
- Dirt / washable
- Lighting
- Currently, Fill Typen supported: potato, sugarbeet, milk, seeds, fertilizer, pig food, woodchips, silage, straw, grass_windrow, compost, biogas

Brief introduction to machine operation:
1. Disconnect the Fliegl station from the tractor
2. Start the main engine
3. Start the Flieglstation (speed goes up)
4. Switch on the pallet production
5. when pallet full pallet slides are used to push out
6. Insert the pallets slider

* Push the warning signal off the object
* Automatic mode is added, objects are automatically pushed out (Optional)
* Balls Fix, it could happen that the bales were wrongly spawned
* Machine does not look like the standard machines if you are too far and too long away
* Warnings for missing fill types should no longer appear

Farmer Andy, Ifkonator

6 thoughts on “Fliegl Pallet Filling System v Multicolor

  • José Lauro says:
    2017-01-22 at 11:40

    Where can I sell these pallets?

    • Mickysco says:
      2017-01-29 at 10:46

      good question, i’d like to know as well.

      • WarPath says:
        2017-04-13 at 22:09

        in placables you will find pallet sell point enjoy the prices i do

  • aussie gamer says:
    2017-05-16 at 21:08

    is anyone else having trouble with making more than 2 pallets. great mod and need for my farm but 2 pallets a day wont pay for a big bud! lol

    • Alex says:
      2017-08-05 at 07:31

      i got about 40 pallets out before it stopped working wish there was a placeable building that could do this job instead

  • duncan says:
    2018-07-07 at 07:25

    please add more things like stuff from the mining and construction map.

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