Frisian March Map v 3.1

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About mod:
Version 3.1:
* Field prices all reduced by 1/3
* Guard rails in he bend to the dairy with Collicosn
* Sale of chips from the LT Master pallet sale possible
* Unloading wood chips at the pallet plant is now coming out of the pipe
* Compost of diesel production now comes out of the pipe
* The bakery sign is fully visible in the central warehouse
* Invisible Collison deleted at hardware store entrance
* Shield edible oil at potato factory fixed
* More space at sugar beet sugar factory
* Concrete floor removed at bakery

dani1803, FedActionLetsPlay

3 thoughts on “Frisian March Map v 3.1

  • VinceKovi says:
    2017-10-28 at 18:58

    I would like to know if I should download all the old version to play with this map?

  • Robert says:
    2017-10-28 at 20:46

    Any chance of putting all the words on the map in English?.

  • VinceKovi says:
    2017-10-28 at 21:51

    Sorry i speak only french, i typed the text on google

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