German Town Map v 1.1

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About mod:
Version 1.1:
* Smoothed terrain in places
* Reduced maximum traffic speed to 60 km/h
* Removed grass from roads, paved road edges, etc...
* Fixed field edges to remove "You don't own this field" problem
* Fixed road end traffic splines with better looking loops instead of visible high speed 180s
* Fixed cow and chicken nav mesh so they won't be walking in the air or phasing throught the ground
* Fixed animals freezing at the feed trough
* Fixed various floating objects
* Fixed various trivial issues
* Added trigger markers
* Added silos to bakery (decorative only)
* Added roads in between fields
* Added garage and pressure washer when player starts new game
* Moved store spawn back to vehicle shop in southern village
* Moved floating egg
* Changed a couple of names of sell points
* Changed PDA map, including added town names and where things are (such as silos, silage pits, Biodiesel Plant, etc.)
* Changed custom temperatures for colder winters and warmer summers (Seasons mod required to notice this change)
* Changed ground texture of owned fields to match crop
* Updated FabrikScript scripts
* Removed laser beam from the forage silo at the Biodiesel Plant
* Replaced original gate at Biodiesel Plant for Giants barrier, which now means you are no longer limited access to the Plant at night
* Fixed some floating trees, but still looking for any floating trees


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