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About mod:
* The basic layout of the map remains from V1 of Germantown, but nearly every part of the map has undergone a makeover from the ground up.
* The farms have all been rebuilt, especially the main farm, to include more grain storage, seeds and fertilizer triggers, and more sheds
* The cows have been moved to the main farm, as per popular demand
* The main farm and the pig farm also have workshops with the workshop trigger to repair and customize your vehicles
* The fields have all been reworked
* While there are fewer fields in V2 the total field area remains relatively the same
* Several smaller fields have been combined together
* Some fields have had their shapes adjusted to allow vanilla AI to operate with ease
* All fields now have more grass headlands, or rather more distance from an adjacent road or field
* The towns have been rebuilt for more detail
* German town now has a large area for placeable industries
* Several new sell points have been added or rebuilt entirely
* The new sell points include the feedlot (where you can trade animals, sell grain and rootcrops for feed, and sell bales too), brewery (accepts wheat, barley, corn, and rye), the farm shop (to sell diesel made at the biodiesel plant, bales, manure, slurry, and digestate), a vegetable warehouse (to sell potatoes, sugar beets, and sugar cane), and a biomass heating plant (to sell woodchips to in addition to the lumber mill)
* All other sell points have been rebuilt for more detail
* The elevator can now accept trains and trailers on the same pit
* The biodiesel plant can now accept soybeans and sunflower
* The feed mill now has a large, flat area for placeable industries
* The railroad has been rebuilt entirely
* The steepest grades have been eliminated for more gradual, realistic grades
* Some railroad related deco has been added as well
* The key addition to this map is the addition of new crops, the inclusion of the Platinum Edition, and the update of Seasons compatibility
* You are now able to grow sugar cane, oats, rye, triticale, spelt, and millet
* Oats and millet can be fed to pigs as a source of protein
* Rye and triticale can also be fed as grain to pigs
* If the player uses Seasons mod, a custom built-in GEO has been added
* A custom seasonal weather pattern has been added: wet and rainy spring, a hot, dry summer, followed by more rain in the fall, and finish/start the year with cold and lots of snow to plow.
* All crops have been given custom growth values when a player uses Seasons, even sugar cane can be grown with Seasons with the custom GEO
* Oats can only be planted in the spring and follows a similar growth pattern as potatoes
* Millet resembles corn in its growth pattern
* Rye, spelt, and triticale can planted in the fall or in the spring
* Sugar cane can only be planted in late spring or early summer, but follows the same growth pattern as poplar


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  • Pier says:
    2018-05-22 at 03:59

    The roads are black. Why?

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