Goldhofer STZ VP 3 Front and Back v 1.5 Multicolor

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About mod:
Version 1.5:
* A second front was added. This has a longer beak. This extends the entire low loader by 170 cm. That is enough to recharge the Holmer. The suspension and the tires have been adapted to the trailer. As a result, the trailer does not tip over so quickly and with a charged holmer a cornering speed of up to 35 km / h is possible. There is also risk of tipping.


2 thoughts on “Goldhofer STZ VP 3 Front and Back v 1.5 Multicolor

  • TheDarkElite says:
    2017-05-12 at 09:46

    PLEASE put this on modhub and get it to the ps4, moving the big bug stuff is a pain and it barely fits any lowloaders currently on ps4

  • GunDK says:
    2018-10-01 at 18:07

    Hey Gnescher
    Mega cool equipment, but…
    Please make a video to demo this. Cant get it work proberbly

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