Ground Modification v 1.0

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About mod:
The ability to change the texture of any part of the map at your discretion. And all this without the use of software in the form of GE. Replacement can be done right in the game.
Thus, you can slightly rebuild the map according to your vision (to pave an asphalt road or to get yourself a new meadow or change the shape of the field, etc.)
In total, 18 types of different texture variants are available for selection (gravel, asphalt, sand, rocky terrain, lawn, meadow, mud, pine needles, sown field and others).
In order to use the mod buy Lizard R 5000 in the category “miscellaneous”. The “Y” key changes the type of texture. On “X” the grass removal function is turned on or off.
Do not worry, your chosen type of texture will not just replace the “picture”, but will have all the properties inherent in the chosen type of surface.


2 thoughts on “Ground Modification v 1.0

  • Thomas Scott says:
    2018-02-14 at 04:22

    GREAT mod, can you make a wider version 2 or 3 meters?

    Thank You

    My most used tool

  • ivan says:
    2018-03-12 at 20:56

    Awesome Mod my friend, using this to add that special touch around the farm is great, Yes a i somewhat agree with above comment, But i do have a request/question: is it possible that this mod could remove plants/srubbs from around buildings…. I mean if i pave/asphalt around my farm yard and get as close as possible to the buildings and if there’s srubbs/grass the later isn’t removed whilst laying changes…

    Yes i know long winded, Thank You

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