Hof Bergmann Reloaded Map v

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About mod:
- Seasons Ready
- Chopped Straw Ready
- Dynamic Manure Pants Ready

Farmer Andy

7 thoughts on “Hof Bergmann Reloaded Map v

  • Mac says:
    2018-04-21 at 11:17

    Dynamic. Manure. Pants.

    Google “Translate”?

  • bana007 says:
    2018-04-22 at 13:45


  • Meme says:
    2018-04-24 at 14:59

    hasselhof…the Iceberg… Mann…..

  • Jonah says:
    2018-04-25 at 07:15

    Empty pallets cannot be secured for transportation.

  • Mike says:
    2018-04-26 at 13:10

    I have seen chickens, geese, ponies, even dogs but… none of them seems possible to transport. The Fliegl Animal Transport Pack provided doesn’t seem to load any of them.

  • Paweł Kupski says:
    2018-04-28 at 12:31

    I downloaded the map and HBR_StartVehiclePack_1_0_0_5. but the map does not work. versia of the game 1.5.1

  • Mike says:
    2018-05-03 at 10:22

    Having played the map a while I have found a few serious bugs. The game crashes quite often. I experienced yesterday when I tried to sell two items directly from the garage menu, all times I attempted to do so. Also, I was unable to return a leased weight, I was not given the option to do so. Once I was unable to configure a tractor until I restarted the game and sometimes the game stops “listening” the keyboard, until I restart. None of these problems ever happened in other maps.
    The map is heavily depended on mods, which are provided by an additional link, but with the suggestion “never update them” which sounds a bit awkward. I believe some of these mods or some of the embedded to the map mods may not be compatible with the latest FS17 versions and that may cause the issues. Inf act most of the initial fleet equipment is not necessary. For example, the Fliegl Animal Transport Pack is supposed to help with the additional animals but it is only compatible with he standard ones. In addition there is an animal trailer which is funny as it has no floor and the animals look standing on thin air, it is also compatible with standard animals only. Finally, the “silage additives” does not seem to be accepted by the respective machinery.
    From a gameplay point of view, the map is a very interesting collection of features but it is much to easy to the point of being boring. With all that starting fleet, which if you sell you have about 2 millions and the animals prices reduced to about 1/3 of the standard, you can immediately have 400 cows and all the machinery you need to work. There is no motivation to keep going after a while.

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