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About mod:

John Deere S600 Series North America Harvester.

  • Engine Setup: 473 – 625 hp
  • Selectable Capacity: 14100 – 17629 liters


  • 28 Wheels Configurations in 2WD or RWA Variant (Row Crop Duals, Wide Duals, Singles, Wide Singles)
  • 12 Tracks Configurations in 2WD or RWA Variant
  • 5 S600 Series Motor Configurations (S690, S680, S670, S660, S550)
  • 9 Grain Tank Configurations (8 Static Extensions + 1 Standard Foldable Extension)
  • 4 Pipe Configurations (6.9m (22.5ft) – 7.9m (26ft) Pipe Lenght)
  • 3 Chopper Tailboard Configurations (Standard, Power Tailboard, Advanced Power Cast Tailboard)
  • 4 Hitch Extension Configurations (No, Standard, Static Extension, Foldable Extension)
  • 2 Rear Axis Configurations (Standard and Wide)
  • 3 Tires Brands (Continental, Michelin and Mitas)

Addons and New Features:

  • Fully Realistic Displays with all New Turning ON Animations, HUDs and Dashboards Numbers & Animations
  • Fully Americanized Version: all US Decals and Stickers, proper US Spreaders, Tracks Systems, US wheels spacing and sizes, US Grain Tanks Configurations
  • Extrimiti Lights (US Flashers) work like Turn Lights and Default Lights depending from which Lights we will turn on
  • Edited model for more proper US version
  • Realisitc S600 threshing sounds
  • Cutted off and scripted 2nd Monitor for GPS Display
  • Spreader works only when we will select swath, when we select straw – Spreader will fold and turn off
  • Lot of interior details like Dashboard Icons for Beacons, Lights Stages, Hazards, Turn Lights
  • All real Number Dashboards for Worked Hours, Worked Hectares, Operating Time, Speed, RPM, Capacity, Temperature, Fuel Usage and Fuel Capcity
  • Real xml values (speed, capacity of Grain Tanks, fuel capacity, fuel usage, overloading speed, motor scales and power)
  • Monitors work in 3 Stages: Turning Animation, Normal, Light Stage
  • All Grain Tanks have Separate FillVolume with different Capacity and shape, Separate Work Lights and auger Pipe with animations
  • New Particles separated for every ChopperTable Configurations


  • Fully scripted interior (monitors, icons, lights, HUDs)
  • Turn ON animations
  • Enter animations
  • Realistic physics
  • Lot of moving Parts with separate functions
  • Chopper table works only when unfolded
  • All standard functions

* Console version added (all platforms friendly)
* New grain Tank Extension Configuration: PowerFold Extension
* New ladder chains
* Hoses for tank light added
* Fixed joystick decals
* Scratches improvements on US parts
* Fixed mised shaders
* Bug fixes


JHHG Modding

Game version:

Farming Simulator 22

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How do I install Farming Simulator mods?
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