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About mod:
* Install the Manure System on the Farms
* Dynamic Mud installed
* Grimme Beat Beeter l10n description added
* Manual Barrier fix so that the error no longer appears “dataS / scripts / vehicles / specializations / Enterable.lua (1092)”
* Adjusted probabilities for special events
* Mailbox event at Lohner removed
* Alfalfa adapted for MaizePlus Mod & more Bunker Silo
* When Alfalfa is mown, it remains Alfalfa
* If you pick up the Alfalfa with the Chopper with pick-up or direct cutter, it becomes Chopped Material
* Fixed l10n entry for resetting Vehicles
* l10n entry for Mixed Feed Station Bisdorf fixed (English version)

LS-17 Projekt Mecklenburg

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