Krone Big M500

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About mod:
- Power 692 hp
- Working width 23.5 meters
- Working width 20 km/h
- Warning Sign
- Lighting
- Working Mirrors
- Dust from the Wheels
- Traces of Wheels

Price: 125.000 €


4 thoughts on “Krone Big M500

  • TORO says:
    2016-11-20 at 13:42

    No Beconlights !!

  • TORO says:
    2016-11-20 at 13:46

    Please Updated now

  • Brian James says:
    2016-11-29 at 05:01

    Awesome machine,well done.. Now you can do a “Claas Couger”…PLEASE!!

  • Abishai says:
    2017-03-09 at 07:30

    Please edit this mod for console!!!

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