Lizard Auger Master v

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About mod:

The Lizard Auger Master was designed to allow easy refilling of working vehicles, from lime spreaders, and manure spreaders, to seeders, and fertilizers. The rear mounted auger lets you get into position easily, without disrupting your worker’s concentration. The Lizard Auger Master can also be pulled behind a forage harvester, for convenient in between storage while your hauler is away returning goods. With Lizard’s advanced auger design, you can auger a wide range of fruits, including potatoes and sugarbeets.

– Capacity 43000 liters
– Supports all bulk category fill types
– Rear-mounted auger, for easier access to load and unload
– Supports ball, pin-hitch, or semi attachment
– Boom-mounted spotlight (attached to reverse worklight switch) to light up unload destination
– Optional fill-level light, to easily see how full the storage is from a distance (off for empty, green for less than 50%, yellow until 1,000L left, then red). Useful for AI driven tasks
– AI not allowed to reverse trailer, since they’re not very good at it, so they’ll do U-turns instead
– Steering axles for better turning
– Seven different tyre choices, including two field-safe narrow tyre options
– Large range of colors
– Beacon light

* Fixed problem with extended hitch attacher, where it used to rubber band out of the hitch when carrying a heavy load


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