MacDon FD75 v 1.0 Multicolor

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About mod:
The MacDon FD75 FlexDraper® is our latest innovation in FlexDraper technology. Even at maximum flex our fixed reel to cutter bar relationship stays true, maintaining a consistently small critical gap between the reel fingers and cutter bar.

- Three versions: 35ft (10.5m) - 40ft (12m) - 45ft (13.7m)
- Built in cutter trailer
- Standard Crops
- Washable
- Color selection
- Travel Lights

Giants, Julian11

One thought on “MacDon FD75 v 1.0 Multicolor

  • tRix says:
    2017-09-19 at 18:17

    It doesnt work with Lexion 7xx TeraTrack Models. When you lower header, all Hervester front goes up and its possible to steer. Pls fix 🙂

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