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About mod:

MaizePlus is a Global Extension, that implements Maize Silage and Grass Silage in Round bales and also the Bunker Silos. You can sell and feed the different silage types too. It is also possible to create CCM using the MaizePlus_ccmExtension mod. While there is less than 4000 liters in the bunker silo, it will automatically switch its Fill Type to the Fruit you are tipping. As soon as there’s more than 4000 liters in the Silo that Fill Type is set until you empty the silo again (in case of it being fermented) or when you remove enough to be less than 4000 liters again. Due to the restriction of max. 31 Heigh Types (more on that below) in vanilla FS you can play MaizePlus on basegame maps (or maps with base game fruits only) with Seasons but only without CCM Extension. If you play a map that has more than 31 Heigh Types enabled you can add MaizePlus_ccmExtension to your savegame and it will activate the CCM functionality. MaizePlus is a global mod which means it automatically adds itself to everything it needs to, you just need to enable the mod (and CCM Extension depending on the map/mods you play). We’ve also made sure that our CCM Fruit Type is the same as MoreBunkerSilo and the LS Modcompany CCM mill used, so you can use that CCM mill to create raw ccm. Due to the similarities in Fruit Types and function we don’t recommend to use MaizePlus and MoreBunkerSilo together on the same savegame in order to prevent mod conflicts and issues.

Version 1.5.2:
* maizePlus_bunkerSiloChanges.lua:120: attempt to Index a Nil Value fixed

The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher

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