Meadow Grove Map v 1.1

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About mod:
- All Animals are built into the Map like FS17 but you can add and place your own animal pastures anywhere else
- No farms can be sold but there is a placeable area if you wish to build your own yards
- Custom lighting engine xml
- New water shader
- Animated objects
- 62 Lands
- This map includes all Farming Simulator 19 features
- 6 Yards (1 arable, 1 cows, 1 pigs, 1 sheep and chickens, 1 storage yard, 1 horese yard)
- 5 sell points BGA , Top hill (grain and wood, woodchips) Meadow Grove Dairys ( Milk And eggs) MeadowGrove Stores (all grains ) MeadowGrove spinnary (Wool)
- 83 fields small/medium
- Transport missions and field missions
- Multi terrain angle ready

Version 1.1:
* New Pig Farm Layout
* Extended Main farm (Cow Farm )
* New Sheep Yard
* Added more Detail
* Sheep and Horses now produce Manure
* Sheep now are able to be fed Surgarbeet or Potatos
* Cows now accept Wheat or Barley
* Hose mod on the Cow Farm and Pig Farm
* Second Cow Pen at Cow Farm
* New Silage Pit at Cow Farm
* Straw Addon Shed added (down at placeable area and is brought when buying BGA )
* Seasons ready
* Alfalfa and Rye added
* New Starting Equipment
* More Fields added at the Start
* Farm House is attached to the forest
* Some Field defs have been redone
* New Grass Texture
* New Lighting
* Various fixes
* Some New Sheds made
* New PDA
* Some other changes


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