Mountain Hill 2021 Map v

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About mod:
- 4 ways to Start a New Game
- Seasons Geo is integrated
- Except for the Outlets and Villages You have to buy everything else (depending on the Start Different)
- 11 Different Outlets
- 14 Different Productions
- 3 Gas Stations
- 95 Different Fields from small to large (also Meadows)
- 60 Buyable Forest Pieces that are sometimes larger, times smaller are
- With Seasons the Map changes (not only Trees, but also Roofs, Snow Poles, Ice etc....) at Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

* BGA Collision Bug fixed
* Added Manure and Corn Silage to BGA Production
* Fixed Bug in Rolling Shutter Pellet Halls
* At the Sheep Pasture Ruin, move the Wool Trigger to the Fence and Trigger for Feed moved further out


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