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About mod:
There artDesigns for Multi Overlay V2 Hud LS17 Convert Mod v 2.7 and higher.
Addon ist compatible with plain old MultiOverlayV2 Hud.
Addon ist incompatible with the plain old multi overlay Hud v 1.5
Who the Standart ArtDesign not like and want to have a little variety, which is found here in the future appropriate alternatives. (Corresponding User requests can be considered if it can be the time).

ArtDesigns: blue white, green round, phone, junior style, hole style, ls15dark

Use and installation:
Zip Download
17 main directory folder in Ls moV2Hud_Settings / ArtDesign Search (when using the Multi Overlay V2 Hud Mod)
Unpack all xml and dds files from the zip file into the folder in the game on the Settings menu -artDesign- go and select ARTDESIGN


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