North Frisian March 4x Multifruit Map v 1.1

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About mod:
Version 1.1:
* Grass painting over landscaping now possible
* Tipping everywhere is now possible
* Bridge Construction Designation corrected in the GlobalCompany Menu
* Bridge Construction Sand and Gravel are no longer reversed
* Small Deco Tree moved to Field 4
* High seat in the Forest at the Sawmill and Depot postponed
* Field Borders changed to Fields 24, 36 and Field 50
* Dyke between Field 47 and 48 slightly smoothed and Departure aligned
* Fixed Siloking Texture
* Tires taken from the Ground at the Shop
* Dedi Server bug fixed and therefore Map is about 20 MB smaller
* Hoffarmland slightly enlarged up to Feld 19
* On request parked car at house 38.57 and 70 deleted
* Decoration to House 52 and 57 delivered to order
* Entrance to the Flour Factory and brewery Platz somewhat enlarged
* In the Shop the Sales Symbol and Workshop Symbol further separated
* Collision Road between Field 28 and Field 29 added
* Overview Map without color in Fields 1,2 and 20
* Transport Missions are corrected
* Fixed bug with Mission to Field 16
* Mark for Sales Area hardware Store added
* Added Tag for Sales Area Aldi
* Fixed Street flickering between Box 14 and Box 16
* Some old Bushes and Hedges cleared
* Ground Leveled at the Harbor
* Bridge Construction Decorative tubes are slightly higher
* Bridge Construction Shield placed more conspicuously
* Buyable Area for Butchers
* Dark Texture fixed at Cereal AG Building
* Fixed Collison to Grain AG
* Curb at the Shop turned around really
* Deco Windmills now turn around properly

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