North Frisian March Map v 1.4

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About mod:
Version 1.4:
* Balance statistics
* Slurry manure lime mod texture on the fields
* Butcher works a bit faster
* Water consumption Rinderhof slightly increased
* Log production with new wooden pallets
* More space in compound feed factory on the Rinderhof
* Sliding door milk cowshed to the water trough / trigger
* New wood industry area above the fruit farm
* Second sawmill
* Second pallet plant
* Wooden chute with pallets of boards or wooden trunk pallet
* Charcoal factory with charcoal pallets
* Hardware store as a point of sale for steel, cement, log and charcoal
* Faster filling of compound feed at the Rinderhof and compound feed factory
* Faster filling of compost at diesel / oil factory and composter
* PDA Map grass field numbers more readable
* Light in the halls at the Rinderhof and Hühnerhof
* A hall at the compound feed factory and the sheep away
* More space at sugar beet sugar factory
* A few more collection points for paper and cardboard
* Another collision in the transit silos on the Rinderhof
* Bottom slurry tank adapted to the cows
* Manure pile pigs adjusted a bit
* Field 44 adjusted even more in height
* Fetched gas station back to the ground
* Curve plate field10 and double speed limit removed at field 2
* Shield removed from grain ship
* Wildwechselschild bei Gras Field 3 has no more collision
* Fixed Flickering Gullideckel at BGA East
* Other walls at the transit silos at the Rinderhof


2 thoughts on “North Frisian March Map v 1.4

  • Philip says:
    2018-01-26 at 15:07


  • Taz says:
    2018-02-09 at 22:47

    Love the map but maybe a English version?

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