Papenburger Map v 2.0

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About mod:
Version 2.0:
* Map is season ready
* Seasons, all buildings and roofs blelben Scheefrei
* Seed, fertilizer and liquid fertilizer must now be purchased (Raiffeisen) and will be stored on the farm
* Sheep now need straw and produce dung and manure
* New pigsty.
* All map animation trigger gates are removed. All gates (also new ones) run via animated object (position is stored)
* Grosses BGA Silo shared in 2 medium.
* Fliegl Biomat fitted
* Buyable pig feed and mixed feed at Raiffeisen
* Diesel has to be purchased and can be stored in 2 stores / petrol stations on the farm
* Institute tank at the Raiffeisenshop and a tank storage at the harbor.Prices fluctuate! A standard tank: Aral
* Switchable lights for stables and various halls
* 2 liquid manure storage one on top of the backyard 13 and the other on top of Aral.Your needs the allow from Air supported
* Ball sales implemented and new ballen unterstand installed
* Portable toolbox to configure and repair
* configurator and repair point installed (workshop)
* Switch feeding
* Complete space behind the stables is now lit with night lights
* New storage / bale under the floor 1
* Diverse tipcolis and tipblocker installed at different places (for example in the long walk at Schweinestall, to the misthaufen and in the Grossen hall at the rear end)
* Milk can be sold by itself
* In various places created for placeable buildings. At Raiffeisen a big place for, for example, Kastor animal processing. 2 place at the dairy near the dairy
* Traders behind railed iron
* Matsch / mud on the field roads and a bit on the fields (not yet everywhere, serves for test purposes as it comes)
* Chickens moved forward into the bed
* Start Maschinen park expands around a round baler, winder and collection truck
* To start 3500 liters of diesel, 5000 liters of seed, 3000 liters of fertilizer and 5000 liters of liquid fertilizer
* 20 cows to start.
* Some straw, hay and silo bales are distributed in the yard

Giants, Jimkerk

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