Placeable Cow Forage Mixer G2-456 v 1.0

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About mod:
Placeable Cow Forage Mixer G2-456 with any feed mixing plant, straw, grass and silage (including bales) will quickly become ready mixed food.

- Production per hour: 20000 liters
- Straw Bunker: 100000 liters
- Silage Bunker: 100000 liters
- Grass Bunker: 100000 liters
- Blending Hopper: 100000 liters

Giants, Kastor, KevinK98, ModCompany

4 thoughts on “Placeable Cow Forage Mixer G2-456 v 1.0

  • usertaz says:
    2018-03-16 at 03:33


  • Tóth Pál says:
    2018-04-30 at 21:04

    it only mixes silas

  • Chippies says:
    2018-05-26 at 06:54

    Only does silage

  • Chris says:
    2018-09-20 at 04:07

    whats the point in this thing? u need to put silage in to make silage? thats just stupid unless its makeing more silage then u put in

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