Quad County Map v 1.0

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About mod:
- 4X Map
- A Town
- A Mega Dairy Farm
- A smaller Dairy Farm
- A Highway and a set of Feedlots
- Has Alfalfa, short Season Soybeans, Rye, Triticale, Silage Corn, and peas for Additional Crops as well as all of the in-game Crops
- Has Heifers, Steers and Bulls too
- 4 New Cow Breeds with Calves.
- A few Beef Cow Breeds have been added
- In Town there is a Spahn and Rose Lumber Company (Real Life Company) for the sale of Wood and Woodchips
- Equipment is purchased at Tractor House
- To load Milk from the Milk House, You need to Milk the Cows, then run the large Bulk Tank and load the Milk from the smaller 5 Tanks into the large one
- A Trigger in Front of each smaller Bulk Tank that needs to get activated before You Start to fill the large one


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