Ravensberg Map v 1.0

FS19 mods

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About mod:
- Two pre-built Farms (completely saleable, also borders and fences)
- Four Towns/Villages
- 44 Fields (size: 1 - 8 ha)
- 7 Meadows
- 18 Woodland Sections
- 6 Areas for Placeable Objects in different Sizes
- One Cowshed installed at each Farm
- One Horse Farm installed
- Three Railway Silos
- Railway Station for Wood
- One BGP pre-placed
- 8 Points of sales for Crops, 2 for Wool, Wood and Bales and 1 for Woodchips
- Dynamic AI Traffic with a Top Speed of 45 km/h, slows down at intersections
- Support of "Manure System" at the BGA and the Cowsheds
- Adapted Transport Missions with New Pallets
- Field Grass used as an Additional Fruit
- New Grass Texture (with Flowers)
- Holmer T4-40 and Ropa Panther 2 converted for Potato Harvest
- Seasons ready
- Maize Plus support
- Precision Farming support
- Support for Mod "HoT Animated Object Extend"


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