River Bend Gooseneck Trailers Pack

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About mod:

3 River Bend Gooseneck Trailers:
* River Bend Gooseneck 28 Foot
* River Bend Gooseneck 40 Foot
* River Bend Gold Series 32 FT Tilt Deck


4 thoughts on “River Bend Gooseneck Trailers Pack

    2017-01-12 at 16:56

    What is the mod of the Lada / Vaz on the first picture please

  • sloth says:
    2018-01-20 at 22:13

    all trailers freak out on normal trucks

    • colby says:
      2018-02-03 at 16:15

      because the trailers are for mod trucks

  • Thorough Mod Testing INC. says:
    2018-08-15 at 18:20

    The trailers spaz out on most trucks modded or not,
    its an error that prevents normal use as it locks the wheels of the vehicle
    in a certain direction and/or makes it speed off uncontrollably,
    obviously that isn’t intentional on the modders part and will hopefully be fixed in the near future.

    The trailers have been tested in with other mods on presaves
    as well as isolated to their own save game and mod folder to the same ending result.

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