Small Village on the Sea Map v 1.0

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About mod:
- A land handler
- All animals / even chickens
- 8 fields (small to large)
- Dirt Control
- ChoppedStraw
- Permanent slurry tank (sheep)
- A place for the buildings of the Strohberge AddOn

Giants, Calli, 4x4 Modding

2 thoughts on “Small Village on the Sea Map v 1.0

  • Mike says:
    2018-04-07 at 22:53

    The map is incomplete. The roads are not shown on the map and the asphalt textures are very unnatural and everywhere the same. I mean, no cracks, no traffic lines, no realistic material faults. The rest of the graphics seem to be of many different quality levels. If you step into the water it disappears and you can simply walk on the sea floor, at least to the end of the map. Very few fields, one BGA and one selling point. Yet, animals are scattered around the map…
    I like the idea of a small island map but to make it interesting, it needs a lot more work.

  • Nigel says:
    2018-04-08 at 21:37

    Well, the descriptions demonstrated “all animals/even chickens” as if there are maps out there without chickens. This map is a joke nothing more.

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