The Pacific Northwest Map v 1.2

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About mod:
Version 1.2:
* Solved an issue where the game would randomly freeze
* Added tip colliders around the manure pits and other areas
* Oilseed radish now plants and grows correctly
* Sugarcane now re-grows correctly
* Sugarcane can now be grown when using Seasons mod. (Can be planted anytime, it will germinate in early spring. It takes one and a half years to mature fully. Can be harvested in autumn of the year after germintation. it will wither if not harvested before the second winter and will have to be re-planted. Will re-grow starting again in spring)
* Added some small silage bunkers at Roberts Farm for your use
* Added a sell point for silage at the pig farm
* Removed bushes and mud in forest areas
* Added a fertilizer production building (low output) near field 39 and the barn
* Added sell points for fertilizer, seed and fuel
* Raised terrain below shop asphalt area
* Raised terrain below cow manure bunker
* Added final detail elements
* Traffic makes turns slightly faster
* Added a hedge removal instruction poster in main farm maintenance area
* Added some hotspots on the map for placeable, storage and forest areas
* Added chicken coop, eggs can be found inside in nesting area
* Increased storage capacity of feed mixers
* Added displays for inputs on seed/fertilizer/diesel storage at main and cow farms
* Increase milk price at bakery slightly


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