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About mod:

This mod simulates the maintenance of drivable machines much more realistically. In the help window you can see when the limit of the vehicle is pretty much exhausted. If maintenance has not been carried out by then, the engine may misfire and cut out if the engine load is too high.
To service the vehicle (by default: Ctrl + m), a pallet must be bought in the shop. If you drive close enough to it, the occupied key appears in the help window and maintenance can be carried out. Once maintenance is complete, engine hours and days will be added to the vehicle, which increase the time until the vehicle has to be serviced again, depending on what you have configured on the pallet. If the maintenance time is less, fewer engine hours/days will be added (Real example: Like a small oil change). Thus, if necessary, in the harvesting season, you can plan exactly when to put your vehicle in maintenance and when you need it.
The FS19 damage system has been adapted so that the vehicle is completely damaged when it reaches “maintenance required” and can only be repaired by maintenance.

Compatible with Seasons-Mod (recommended): The days until the next maintenance adjust to a season length.

– Repair feature in the shop was completely deactivated due to bugs
– Automatic engine start can be activated, but the engine stall function will then be deactivated

* Description slightly adapted
* Text appears when approaching a Pallet (on Foot) that better indicates the configured waiting time/added Days/added Engine Hours until the next Maintenance and makes it easier to identify the correct Pallet
* Polish Translation added
* Fixed a Bug where Maintenance on Dedicated Servers was running faster than intended


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