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About mod:
The website generates summary pages for local games or from dedicated servers.
The website was originally created for the Map Nordfriesische Marsch. At the request of many, changed the program code so that basically any Mod Map can be supported.

Supplied in version 1.4.0 (alpha) of FS17 WebStats:
· North Frisian march 4x 1.3
· The Moris Country v3
· North Frisian March 3.0
· North Frisian march 2.9
· Tanneberg 2.0
· Goldcrest Valley
· Sosnovka

The website offers the following functions:

· Server status
Display of players and vehicles on the map. (dedicated server only)

· Stock overview
Overview of all stock levels in the farm silo, the pallet warehouse of various seed, fertilizer, etc. stockpiles in vehicles and at the production sites are included. Various sorting and display settings possible.

· Production overview
Overview of all production sites. Missing raw materials or full bearings are highlighted in color. Alphabetical sorting or by level.

· Livestock husbandry
Overview of sheep pasture, pig and cowshed (as in game overview).

· Factory details
Display of additional details of the production facilities. In addition to storage quantities and capacities, consumption and production per hour and day are also displayed.

· Product details
Display of storage locations / quantities and the goods requirement. Overview map with marked storage and production facilities as well as pallets and bales.

· Sales price overview
Display of the selling prices which may not be 100% correct but which is the Farming Simulator itself.

· Templates
You have the possibility to choose between 3 templates.

· Download and unpack the zip file on a PHP 5 enabled web server. The web server must support the PHP function fsockopen (). A database is not needed. User settings are stored in cookies.

The required data is requested when the page is first accessed.

· For dedicated servers, the IP address of the server, port and code.

· For local scores, the directory of the score.

* Configuration is now realized with XML
* Ready for CCM Grassilage Mod
* FarmSiloSystem ready (LS-Modcompany)
* Hide animal in the warehouse overview
* Hide raw materials / products
* Calculation of animal production corrected
* New map configurations: Porta Westfalica, Saxonia


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