90 x 200 Sheds Pack v 1.0

FS19 mods

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About mod:
The Pack consist of 6 Placeable 90 x 200 Sheds:
- Red Grey Shed
- Black Grey Shed
- Brown Beige Shed
- Green Beige Shed
- Grey Red Shed
- White Grey Shed

- Snow Mask and Snow sits on the Roof
- All Doors open from the Inside switches other then the Man Doors
- Roof Collison prevents Rain from coming through the ceiling visually
- Normal Mapped tin, so the shed shoulds be more friendly with People's pc's and still look just as good
- Auto Led Lights come on at Night on the Outside of the Shed
- 22 FT High Doors to allow the biggest Seeder and Cultivators inside
- 45 FT Doors to allow Combines to drive in with their Headers on

Price 190000 €

TrailerParkFarms, TPF, Nxtgen Mapping

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