Added Realism for Vehicles v 1.0

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About mod:
The goal of this mod is to make the game feel more realistic and customizing the vehicle for the task more rewarding. The goal is to make the mod universal. This mod supports multiplayer and dedicated servers. No changes in XML is needed. Some data from XML is overwritten.

- In the base game many Vehicles does not take Tire Type into consideration making for example the Lizard Pickup Truck recive unrealistic high friction at all ground types
- This mod fill the missing data based on Tire Track index making it universal
- Different Tire Types now act completely different on different ground types and suffers differently on rain and sinking into the ground
- This mod only supports the 4 standard Tire Types: Mud, Street, Offroad and Crawlers
- Calculates friction based on size of tire making wide tires, duals and tracks worth the money for heavy field work but the narrows suffers making it ideal for easier tasks in later growth state
- Adds rolling and sideway resistance meening
- More wheel load, small tires and soft ground = more force needed for pulling or pushing
- Less wheel load, large tires and hard ground = less force needed for pulling or pushing

- This mod creates a simple automatic gearbox for the vehicle based on min/max rpm, max allowed speed
- This overwrites any gearratios in the XML
- Changed the speedometer gauge from speed to engine RPM
- Added Clutch slip after gear change to give a smoother gear change

- Pulling force for "Plows", "cultivators" and "sowingmachines" is affected by ground type


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