Adjust Working Speed v 1.0

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About mod:
With this Mod, the working Speed of Attachments can be set in-game when buying in the Shop. The working Speed of Attachments can be set via Config, the Setting Range is up to 7 km/h more or less in 1 km/h steps, based on the Standard Value of the Device. Realistic Gamers can use this to slow down their Devices a bit, which is especially useful for Young Timers and Old Timers. The working Speed can also be increased. Another criterion for Setting the working Speed can also be the existing Farm Tractor. If Your own Tractor has hardly any reserves in relation to the device (e.g. cultivator or plow), the working Speed should be selected a little lower.
There are a few mods where the working speed does not correspond to the usual standard values: this can then be adjusted via the shop configuration. It now depends on you whether this script mod brings more realism into the game or not. In any case, the mod offers a good opportunity to think about the actual working speed of Agricultural Machines


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