Alaska Delta Junction 4x Map v 1.2

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About mod:

Version 1.2:
* Fixed several economy related prices to be more realistic
* Finished several custom Animations
* Several visual improvements, road fixes, terrain fixes
* Finished/fixed Gold Wash Plant 3 model
* Finished Firewood Processor 3d model and animations
* Fixed log error “CPU Mesh Cooking” pallet collision
* Fixed minor visuals with seasons, snow planes
* Fixed Sugar Refinery – Player trigger was offset
* Added more trees to some logging areas
* Added Maize Plus support/more crop types
* Improved logging road
* Added my custom OilRig 3d model and created animations for it
* Made adjustments to Seasons Geo file for accuracy. Drier summer
* Fixed default starting silo amounts
* Added more equipment for starting
* Increased Bee Hive (Honey) output pallet capacity (From 3 to 6)
* Increased Hay Loft capacity
* Increased several factory input capcity amounts
* Changed Paper Mill output from Pallet Spawners to Object Spawners like Pallet/Sawmill
* Fixed Snow Mission not completing. Snow was falling through road into dips in terrain underneath
* Made main Farm Silo pull through and height larger
* Fixed Brewery pallet input glitch
* Fixed Brewery not producing Beer Pallets. Lowercase P in i3d filename
* Increased All Liquid trailer fill rate by double
* Increased Salmon Fishery Pallet input capacity to 42
* Changed Gold Mine output piles from rising planes to dynamic heaps
* Increased storage capacities
* Increased several pallet spawners at factories
* Cleaned up Smoked Salmon work particle systems, reduced lag, FPS drop, jitter
* Extended bunker Silo trigger, better/less glitches opening cover


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