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About mod:
American Grasslands Map:
- The Map is flat and open so You can easily make Your own world the way You want
- Grass, Bushes and Decoration Foliage can be painted in Landscape Mode
- 19 Fields, all Fields have Missions
- 2 BGA Areas (must buy Farmland to use)
- Bulk Refill Stations at the Vehicle Dealer
- Large Plot next to Sawmill for Placeables or planting Trees
- 10 Animal Pens already installed on the Map (2 of each Type, easy Difficulty Level only)
- Animal Pen Areas are clear, this way You can place Pens there at Higher Difficulty Levels
- Emty Plot next to Animal Pens for Feed Stations
- Main Farm has a Farmhouse, 2 Sheds and a 800000 liter "Bulk" Type Silo (easy Difficulty Level only)
- 29 Pieces of Equipment to Start Game (easy Difficulty Level only)

Mod Test Map:
- You own the entire Map to Start
- All Animal Pens are already installed
- You have 20 of each Animal (no Horses)
- Cow Pen has Milk, Manure and Liquid Manure
- Pig Pen has Manure and Liquid Manure
- There is a Seperate Field for every Fruit
- All Fruits are ready to harvest
- A harvested Field with Straw to collect
- A cultivated Field ready to plant or plow
- A Patch of 25 Trees ready to harvest
- A Wood Crusher at the Sawmill
- A Main Farm with a Farmhouse, a Farm Silo and two Sheds
- There is Selling Points for everything: Spinnery, Sawmill, BGA, Animal Dealer, Barn and Bakery
- BGA has Digestate in the Tank
- All the Water Hoses give Water
- Pressure Washer at Vehicle Shop
- Field Missions on Fields when not owned
- Transport Missions
- You own one each of all Pallets from Shop
- 3 Egg Boxes and 4 Wool Pallets
- Own a Stack of each kind of Bale
- A Starting Vehicle for most Jobs
- Gas Station and Refill Station
- Vehicle Test Areas: Slalem, Bumps, Dirt oval Track, Car Crush and Eighth Mile Drag

* Added Mod Map: American Grasslands
* Added Fill Type support to Mod Test Map (New Save Game required)


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