Amerikanisches Outback Map v 3.0

FS17 mods

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About mod:
- Chopped Straw blocked
- Extended field angle installed
- Volume of farm silos 500k per fruit increased
- Season Mod made ready
- All trees and shrubs traded (Now all trees fellable and Season Mod ready)
- US street signs installed
- New gas stations installed
- Sludge installed
- Sawmill rebuilt
- 2 new BGAs installed
- Pallet collector for production installed
- New sale for production installed
- Hotspots added
- Railing installed on the bridges
- New fruits: carrots, beetroot, garlic and onions
- Train (spline) installed
- Railroad crossings installed
- Animated animals (snakes, bushes)
- Fields (1 + 19, 11 + 12, 4 + 5, 7 + 8) put together
- Lights installed in the yard
- Decoration installed
- Tree at the yard
- Swapped fruit textures
- Night is darker now
- Milk sales installed (no longer sold automatically!)
- GMK installed
- Digital display installed at Abkippstelle
- Made corn higher
- Fixed hole in the bottom of the cattle pasture slurry tank
- Dyn. Heaven blocked
- Grass is now fully grown at game start
- Field 17 removed
- Small production installed (New factory script)
- UPK car wash installed
- Adapted PDA map


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